About Allendale Brewery

We are based in Northumberland, near the borders of Cumbria and Durham and have been brewing real ales since 2006.

Back in 2004 Tom Hick registered Allendale Brew Co Ltd and set to work finding premises suitable for commercial brewing in his rural hometown. Investing in part of the old lead mill at Allen Mill with the help of his Dad, the building needed a complete overhaul but he set to and made sure everything was perfect before he brewed his first commercial beer 'Curlew's Return' on Valentines Day 2006.

Tom now runs the business hand in hand with his wife Lucy and head brewer Neil Thomas, who joined the team in 2009.

Lucy hails from a very creative background and is responsible for most of the design and artwork, along with our business finances and direction.

Neil's trained as a chef and brings his incredible taste palate, creative flair and attention to detail to our brew proccess. As Tom began spending more time focussing on business strategy and brewery development, Neil became the main brewer consistently reproducing our old favourite recipes alongside designing new beers and our END showcase range.

Booming expansion has since caused Neil to join Tom and Lucy in a director managerial role, allowing Ric to take over as lead brewer in 2015 with Rikki's support as brewery assistant and we also welcomed Paul, a passionate homebrewer, and Nick onto the brewery team.

More recently the team has grown even further with Adrian, who helps take care of sales and customer experience alongside Jenny, Brigitte and Claire, and last but by no means least we have Callum and Jesse our excellent dray men out and about.



Introducing Ride Drinks

Introducing Ride Drinks

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