Ric Lee

Favourite Beer: Antipodean IPA - END59 6.3%

Ric is a veritable juke box of tunes so it's always easy to work out where he is on the brewery floor even though it seems like he's in every place at once, checking gravitities, brewing, transferring, doing something with yeast....

In early 2015 Ric took over the brewing to free Neil up to focus on planning and management. Ric's a stickler for perfection and consistency with our classics whilst he's constantly thinking about possible new recipes of both the wacky and the wonderful variety. He's only managed to get a handful of the new recipe's OK'd by Neil, brewed and on bars but they've all gone down a storm with you drinkers. It's probably fortunte that some ideas get kaboshed, I mean peanut butter in beer, NO WAY. Infact no nuts in our brewery thanks!

If you do come to the brewery and look through our viewing window please be sure to bring your sunglasses as Ric's thermal tops range from neon orange to 80's psychadellic. You will not miss him.

Hobbies: If he lost his Kindle he might gently weep. Other than reading he's always out with brewery dog 'Megatron' walking towards an interesting bottle shop or public house. His dedication to beer research knows no bounds, he once travelled to Bolivia (out of his way) just to visit the world's highest Micro Brewery in La Paz. That is commitment to beer and all things beery. Ric possibly edges on being a total beer geek and we like it that way.

If you want to contact Ric you can email him on: [email protected]


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Introducing Ride Drinks

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