World Beer Awards 2015 - United Kingdom, Pale Ale, Gold Medal

Anvil is the new name for Allendale Pale Ale (APA). It has the same award winning taste, just the name is different.

Things have changed since we first brewed our APA back in 2010, people take more notice about what they drink and general knowledge of beer has increased hugely. Back then relatively few people could tell you what an American Pale Ale was but now it is one of the most popular styles available, so to avoid confusion we have given the beer a new name, one that fits better with our other bestselling beers.

If you havn't tried it yet, please do and see what all the fuss is about!   

  • Colour :
  • Strength :
  • Style :
  • Hops :
    Bramling Cross, First Gold, Galaxy
  • Malt :
    Pale, Cara, Vienna
  • IBU :
  • Taste :
    Grapefruit, Tropical, Mango
  • Allendale Range :


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