Black Grouse

A rich, chocolatey porter brewed with oak chips for a barrel aged flavour. A smooth and satisfying dark ale

Great Taste Judgement: Beautiful burnt toffee colour. Awesomely chocolatey on the nose and palate. Coffee, liquorice and a rich smoky length. Astringency of the roasted malts is balanced really nicely by the sweetness. Packed full of flavour. Really stopped us in our tracks and made us happy.

  • Colour :
  • Strength :
  • Style :
    Best Bitter
  • Hops :
    Target, Fuggles, Bramling Cross
  • Malt :
    Pale Ale, Amber, Crystal, Wheat, Chocolate, Cara
  • IBU :
  • Taste :
    Smoky, Liquorice, Oaky
  • Allendale Range :
    Seasonal Brews



Our Rhubarb Saison is here, the first beer from our Wildland's Project

After missing spruce tip season we turned our attentions to that familiar delight of the allotment garden, rhubarb.

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