1 Oct

Another milestone under the belt in what has been a fantastic year for us, and it's closely linked to one of our recent awards.

We have just shipped out our 1st export order of 2 pallets to Hong Kong including a range of our beers, all proudly sporting their new labels.

Destined for bars and restaurants across Hong Kong this first tester order is to see what they will make of our range of UK crafted traditional and modern punchy beers. As the beers are travelling by Sea we've had to be careful of temperatue control and product quality as we don't use additives to preserve and extend the life of the beer. Hopefully it will be snapped up at the other end and we'll start receiving more feedback building upon our 1st International Beer Award for the Red Rye from the Hong Kong Bar and Restaurant Awards last month. 

This order has come off the back of several meeting with our fantastic UK export partner, and of course the meeting with the HK buyer which was held in Coventry. We are proud to be supplying our beers to Annie of the Beer Bay as she is as passionate and knowledgeable about beer as anyone I have met, if not more so. We are in the process of updating our website to make it more internationally friendly and readily available for our friends across the globe.


Introducing Ride Drinks

Introducing Ride Drinks

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