5 Dec

Dark roasted chocolate, toasted oak, caramel & vanilla all sound like a perfect combination of flavours which is why we decided, back in 2012, that our Export Stout would be the perfect beer to put into an American Bourbon barrel we were lucky enough to lay our hands on. We then left the beer in the barrel to mature and take on the flavours of the bourbon for around 18 months. At this point it was time to bottle the stout to allow all those wonderful flavours to blend and mellow.

Our Brewers have tasted the Stout various times since it was bottled, each time noting differences in the flavour profile. It’s well known that a good Stout develops over time and after 3 years maturing in the bottle its finally ready!

With a limited run of only 170 bottles our Special Export Stout is 7.4% of dark, chocolatey, rich loveliness. It has mellowed nicely creating a beer that is the perfect combination between the bold flavours of the bourbon barrel and the smoothness of the Stout.

Served in 660ml bottles it is something to be savoured and shared. It’s the perfect drink for the time of year & with exclusively designed labels and hand wax sealed bottles it’s the perfect bit of Christmas luxury.

As this is such a limited run we are limiting the sale to just 3 select outlets in Newcastle, they are It will also be available to buy directly from the brewery.

We will also be holding a special tasting evening at Coppers on Thursday 8th December @ 6pm where you can ask our brewers any questions you have about our Special Export Stout or any of the other beers we make, we hope to see you there!


Introducing Ride Drinks

Introducing Ride Drinks

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