7 Feb

Tank beer pubs are already common in Europe, especially in countries like the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, where they are known as tankovna. In the UK, until now tank beer is either only found in pubs that have micro-breweries attached or in several pioneering venues in Southern England. Partnered with The Bonded Warehouse in Sunderland who have installed the full 'Tank Beer' system we have invested in the transportation tanks and pump systems that allow us to directly fill, transport and transfer the fresh conditioned beer into the serving tanks. Reducing the supply chain makes for fresher and more flavoursome beer!

We are the first micro/craft brewery in the North East to be using it, and this tank beer is a totally new bespoke beer for The Bonded Warehouse. 

Head along to The Bonded Warehouse to try their new 4% Session Ale which has been made using Cascade from the US and a generous amount of Australian Galaxy hops to give a great big aroma of tropical citrus fruit.

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Introducing Ride Drinks

Introducing Ride Drinks

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