19 Mar

North East breweries once again do the region proud at the National SIBA Award Ceremony @BeerX, including our two awards for the Pennine Pale and the APA.....

9 Dec

Hot off the press, we've just received our laboratory certification that the batch of Gluten Free Pale Ale we have brewed is indeed GF and even better that is is <10ppm well under the required <20pp to be included.

1 Oct

The day has come and gone where we waved good bye to our 1st proper export order all in its new branding......

30 Sep

We firmly believe it is our job to pass on goodwill and charity where we can and as such we're really pleased to be able to support one of St Oswald's latest fund raising ventures.......

29 Sep

We've spotted a new video review for one of the beers we brew under contract for From the Notebook Ltd, take a look if you have time to spare!.....


Phantom Head – our latest beer with a musical twist

Meet our latest creation - Phantom Head.

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