@BeerBods If there's a better 3% IPA than @AllendaleAle Fermata, I've not tasted it. Fresh and fantastic @TheFreeTradeInn on Friday :) Better than Kernel's Table Beer in our comparison tasting :)
Paul J White – Twitter
The sorachi ace is ace by the way.
Tom Higgins – The Town Wall - Newcastle
Just wanted to thank you, Neil and the rest of the gang for the Sorachi Saison for our festival. It was a thing of beauty and very popular with both casks sold out over before the end of the weekend. Top work!
Simon – Cumberland Arms - Newcastle
Mighty Mighty fine - Drinking an End 22 Simcoe Single by @allendaleale -
Richard Weir – Twitter
Enjoying a nice pint of APA in tynemouth courtesy of Neil and the team at @AllendaleAle cheers!
James Simpson – Twitter
Mmmmmmm - Drinking an End 22 Simcoe Single by @allendaleale @ The Tannery
Gilbert Gubbins – Twitter
Loving the new look mini kegs from @AllendaleAle at glug...
mmmm... glug – Grainer Market - Newcastle
Howling good - Drinking a Wolf by @allendaleale @ Ulverston Beer Festival 2014
Deryk Lister – Ulverston - Cumbria
Fantastic pint of Golden plover from @AllendaleAle @ black bull in haltwhistle tonight! So good I had another!
Darren Milburn – Twitter
Been drinking in the N.E. for a few days. Best beer by far has been @AllendaleAle APA in bottle. Love to taste on well run cask
Haggy – Whitley Bay, North Tyneside
American Brown Ale by @AllendaleAle @AllendaleAleCC certainly hits the spot here in @SJFCrownPosada
Andy – Crown Posada - Newcastle
Hey @allendaleale drinking your Simcoe in @jdwtweet High Main Byker and its the best beer in the pub without a doubt #happy
Rod – Twitter
@The_Central_Bar @AllendaleAle you have made my year with this pump clip. No pump clip in the history of earth will eclipse the glory of it.
Central Bar – Newcastle
Yet another First Class Beer! Curlews Return by @AllendaleAle @AllendaleAleCC at the superb @SJFCrownPosada
Andy – Crown Posada - Newcastle
The @AllendaleAle Mosaic END50 tasting smashing @SJFCrownPosada
@TheAleTrail – Newcastle - Twitter
@AllendaleAle cheers for the follow! You've got a new fan! Amazing ale! Nice discovery at @balticmill #beer @AllendaleAle #winning
@_Jamieatworld – Twitter
Drinking a @AllendaleAle APA from @CrossLanesFarm, Great bitterness. ❤️ label all the hops malts & IBU #beergeek
Shaun Dodd – Twitter
Wagtail from @AllendaleAle has got to be tasted
William Morton – Twitter @bykerbill
Awesome. - Drinking a Pennine Pale by @allendaleale @ The Tannery
Andrew Nicholson – Twitter
RIP @AllendaleAle Export Stout... One of our favourites for a while, we shan't forget you!
@DATbarNewcastle – DAT bar Newcastle
@AllendaleAle Your Pennine Pale was damn tasty. Simple & effective. Great selection up @TebayServices
Tim Blade – Twitter
Hello Neil, I am pleased to report the Pennine Pale was first to run out...................... ho ho ho Well done !
Gordon – Oddfellows Beer Festival
We’ve had a delivery of 4 casks today. I just want to say how amazing your delivery guy was! What an absolute star! It’s really difficult to get anywhere close to us at the moment with building works and the council digging up all of the roads around us. There’s next to nowhere to park and even if you find a space it’s miles away. He did manage to find a space miles away and got the beer to us, up and down stairs and through tiny spaces and in the pouring rain. Can’t thank him enough for not giving up!
Dee – Head of Steam - Newcastle
@andydeltic you can't miss the @AllendaleAle Spiced Pumpkin ale, it's phenomenal! #allhailtotheale
Andrew Nicholson – Twitter
Practically sold out of @AllendaleAle Double IPA. If you'd asked me a year ago that a 7.4 keg IPA would last a week I'd have called you mad!
Crown Posada – Newcastle
#nowdrinking A Pennine Pale @AllendaleAle, a beer which brilliantly relocates the Pennines to California. Big US bitter/ tropical vibe. Ace.
Tony Naylor – Twitter
Just found a lovely selection of Allendale brewery beers in my local bottle shop in HONG KONG! Feeling very homesick but also very proud! Ps. Very tastey drop too!
Alix Wild – Hong Kong
Wolf from the excellent @AllendaleAle might be the best bottled beer I've had in a long time. Excellent stuff
Thomas E Kingston – Twitter
@AllendaleAle Nelson Pilsner is the dogs doodahs on keg like. Thanks @DATbarNewcastle
Joseph H – Twitter
Drinking a pint of @allendaleale Red Rye at #HighMain @jdwtweet it's solo good
Rod – Twitter
Glad to announce that we've got a rare gluten free treat on the bar. Yet another @AllendaleAle triumph! #craftbeer
Trent House – Newcastle
Curlew's Return - Fantastic. Cements this style as my new favorite. And this is a perfect example. Nose 9/10 Palate 10/10 Finish 9/10 total 5/5
Ben O – Untapped
Absolute belter - the superb @AllendaleAle GFPA. Cheers @Coppers8till8
300lb Cyclist – Twitter
WoW Hoppy as Hell @AllendaleAle brilliant Local DIPA Ale! @GoodBeerTweet @imdrinkingnow
Guy Miller – Twitter
Bags of fruit. Best gluten free beer ive had. - Drinking a GFPA by @allendaleale
j t ‏@Ale_n_Metal – Twitter
So it's win for Barca and oaked porter. Black Grouse is bleedin marvellous @AllendaleAle!
Paul Miller – Twitter
Sharp. Fresh. Clean taste. Really good. - Drinking an End 41 Fermata by @allendaleale @ White Cross
Rob Smith – Twitter
Just wow - Drinking an End 41 Fermata by @allendaleale @ Drovers Rest
Sandy Williamson – Twitter
END American Pale - Pink Grapefruit Edition is like staring at a grapefruit whilst drinking an IPA, in a good way.
Andrew Seidel – Cumberland Beer Festival
The keg of Fermata was one of the most popular kegs we've had on as of late! Definitely be getting it again in the future!
Dani – Stockbridge Tap
Just to let you know I had a pint of Swift at the Carts Bog on New Years Eve which really made my taste buds jingle. Delicious. Well done Allendale Brewery from a fussy beer critic!
Luke Sanders – Cart's Bog


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