Callum Galbraith

Favourite Beer: Adder

Callum is wonderful and we know you think so too as we're no longer suprised how regualarly we get calls/emails thanking him for his dilligence and going the extra mile to make sure the delivery goes smoothly. 

It would seem all the planets have come into alignment, when we needed an amazing drayman we found not only a very experienced driver but also a considerate and contientious guy. He really cares about you lot and that you get the beer in the best condition possible. It all matters to the end result our drinkers experience when you pull that pint or pour the bottle. Callum is generally piloting 'Notirious B.I.G' and takes routes from Edinburgh down to York and everywhere inbetween. Give him a wave.

Hobbies: A keen traveller, Callum has lived in Aussie aswell as the UK but when not on or in a motorised vehicle he's under one tinkering away. It would seem that most of his income goes into the pristine upkeep of his monster Land Rover and his car. They must be older than he is but they run better than Usain Bolt and smell better than baking bread 'almost'. Callum do you have shares in 'Little Tree Car Air Fresheners'?


Introducing Ride Drinks

Introducing Ride Drinks

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