Lucy Hick


Favourite Beer: Wildland's Project - Rhubarb Saison

If Tom is the Driver, Lucy is the Navigator.

Balancing the books, designing our artwork, sourcing funds and providing guidance in the form of choc and marzipan muffins, Lucy is a wonder woman and truly exemplifies the feminine multi-tasking stereotype.

Lucy comes from an artistic background (formerly working at her mother's Westside Studio) and brings an eye for detail, perfectionist tendancies and some savvy business skills to the table. 

Where to find: Lucy will be at her desk working simulateously in 8 software programs while giving Tom financial information and finalising the latest pumpclip design. However this only applies if there is a heater on full within 1 metre, some would say Lucy was meant for a warmer climate

If you want to contact Lucy you can email her on: [email protected]


Introducing Ride Drinks

Introducing Ride Drinks

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