Rikki Flanagan

Favourite Beer: Pennine Pale

It's one small step for Man, one giant leap for the Brewery, Rikki is now 2nd Brewer and he's proving to be pretty good at it! We're having to double shift brew to keep up with you thirsty lot so Rikki is now the early bird getting the first mash on the way pre-dawn and then putting the coffee pot on for when we roll in the door an hour or so later. When a job needs doing Rikki is your man, infact the entire brewery, with it's white wall cladding, has become Rikki's giant 'To Do' list (with intersperced pictures).

Rikki hasn't forgotten his roots however, he can and does still dig out a Pennine Pale mash in 4 minutes flat. He's also progressive, having developed the now infamous "caskman's lunch" consisting of a small loaf of buttered fresh bread, bombay mix, crisps, chilli cheese, plastic ham and of course the chutney. This is carb loading in it's extreme but it works as Rikki is a one man machine, he never falters, never fades and will not sit down until 3pm.

Hobbies: Gaming

If you want to contact Rikki you can email him on: [email protected]


Introducing Ride Drinks

Introducing Ride Drinks

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