Tom Hick


Favourite Beer: APA

Tom was one of those beer nerds before it became cool to be one.

In 2004 after training he decided to forgo mainstream employment and with his father Jim's support he reinstated the old Allen Mill building and began commercial brewing.

His first brew, Curlew's Return, a 4.2% (hoppy for the time) ruby beer set the standard that we wouldn't be following the pack, we would be doing our own thing.

Since then Tom met and married the lovely Lucy, then lured Neil into the team and together they steer the business from one success to another.  

Fortuntely Tom recognises that for a business and it's products to thrive, along with sensible strategies & quality products, you need skilled & happy staff which is why it helps that he's a really nice guy.  

Where to find: Tom is pretty handy with a welder and prefers planning and D.I.Y to V.A.T and filing so check the workshop out back but don't distrurb him till the plumbing is fixed!



If you want to contact Tom you can email him on: [email protected]


Introducing Ride Drinks

Introducing Ride Drinks

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