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End Range

Initiated in 2011 by Head Brewer Neil Thomas, our END range was born of a passion to insipre and educate about the fantastic ingredients and beer styles found both locally and around the world. Each END beer denoted by number and predominantly named after the beer style showcases something special in the world of brewing.

We believe there is a beer for everyone, which is yours?

Allendale Beer Archive
Numbersort Beer Namesort Abvsort Brew Datesort Archivedsort
END95 American Pale 5% 15/06/2015 Triple hopped light golden American pale with a light and zesty citrus aroma and flavour. The Rye increases the body and adds a hint of spice. Archived
END94 California Common 5.1% 01/06/2015 Bold tangerine and citrus hop flavours compliment the fruity esters which are produced by our lager yeast fermenting at ale temperatures in this American hybrid style of beer. This is a naturally hazy beer due to the yeast and amount of hops used. Archived
END93 Session Saison 3.5% 01/05/2015 Saisons were traditionally low strength refreshing beers that were often drank by farm workers out in the fields. To give an extra edge to our take on the style we have used the uniquely flavoured Sorachi Ace hop Archived
END92 CF125 4.8% 13/04/2015 Brewed with a new UK hop, code named CF 125, from the Charles Faram hop breeding programme. Ripe pear and berry flavour Archived
END91 Admiral Orange 5.6% 01/04/2015 Brewed with UK grown Admiral hops and the zest of hundreds of oranges give this IPA its zesty, fruity character. Archived
END90 1839 IPA 6% 01/03/2015 Historic Recipe IPA featuring East Kent Goldings Archived
END89 Azacca 4.2% 27/02/2015 Archived
END88 Maison Mosaic 4.5% 06/01/2015 Mosaic Single hop showcasing a Belgian yeast, adding extra depth to our traditional Mosaic. Archived
END87 Nelson Pilsner 5% 01/10/2014 Brewed with unique NZ Nelson Sauvin hops giving aromas of crushed gooseberry and white grape for a modern take on a classic Pilsner. Archived
END86 Columbus Sour 7.1% 03/01/2013 IBU58 Sour mash pale ale brewed with Columbus and aged for 20 months creating a complex and unique dry finish Archived
END85 Elderberry and Wild Damson Sour 4% 14/10/2014 With elderberries and damson picked fresh from the lane and steeped in the beer for an emphasised sourness Archived
END84 Spiced Pumpkin Ale 4.8% 06/10/2014 Exclusively brewed for the Crown Posada as their Halloween Ale Archived
END83 Little Hercules 3.3% 02/10/2014 IBU 55 Brewed without Pale Malt and featuring Summit and Amarillo hops for a tangerine citrus hint. The malt bill includes Munich, Vienna, Wheat, Rye, Amber & Cara which give a full malty body for such a little ABV. Archived
END82 Auld Ale 10% 25/09/2014 Our 100th brew a strong Barley Wine in the making, to be released maybe in 12 months...maybe more Archived
END81 Belgian Oaked Pale 5.5% 24/09/2014 Archived
END80 Ruby Columbus 4.8% 12/09/2014 Ruby ale showcasing the Columbus hop with a complex malty body Archived
END79 American Brown Ale 4.6% 01/09/2014 IBU 37 True brown ale with a malty biscuit body and a herby resinous pine aroma Archived
END78 Black Saison 7.5% 23/08/2014 Brewed exclusively for the new DAT Bar and Bierrex Archived
END77 Double IPA 7.4% 21/08/2014 IBU 100 Brewed with masses of whole leaf hops and double dry hopped for a big tropical fruit aroma. Available
END76 Eldorado 4.2% 18/06/2014 Amber pale ale with a good body & soft bitterness hinting at soft fruits flavours. Archived
END75 Sorachi Ace 4.7% 12/06/2014 Single hop pale ale, showcasing the unique Sorachi Ace hop flavour profile. Coconut and lemony Archived
END74 Stu Bru Co-lab Inaugural IPA 6% 14/04/2014 Archived
END73 Cumulus 4.5% 13/05/2014 Belgian wheat beer made with crates of fresh oranges and coriander seeds Archived
END72 Comet Single 4.2% 30/04/2014 Pale ale showcasing the new US Comet hops Archived
END71 Cascade Single 4% 19/04/2014 Big citrus-floral hop flavour and a refreshing bitterness Archived
END70 Belgian Black IPA 4.5% 27/06/2014 Archived
END69 Gateshead Wheat 5% 04/04/2014 Classic pale wheat beer, light floral aroma with a spicy finish Archived
END68 Smoked Porter 4.5% 18/03/2014 Smooth and roasty with a rich smokey flavour Archived
END67 Ruby Tuesday 4.5% 18/03/2014 Ruby bitter brewed with Summit and Amarillo. Juicy tangerine flavour with a big citrus aroma Archived
END66 C3 IPA 5.9% 04/03/2014 Classic American IPA brewed with Cascade, Chinook and Centennial for a grapefruit, citrus and lemon aromas and flavours Archived
END65 Rye Pilsner 4.5% 19/02/2014 A traditional clean pilsner enhanced with Rye for a hint of spice. UK Bramling Cross hops give a hedgerow and white grape aroma and flavour Archived
END64 London Porter 5.5% 06/02/2014 Brewed to an old world traditional recipe with all UK hops. A rich, smooth and sweet London porter Archived
END63 Black IPA III 6.5% 29/11/2013 An oxymoronic ale - Inky black with layer upon layer of hop flavour & generously dry hopped over a backbone of roasty malt Archived
END62 Spiced Saison 7.2% 27/06/2014 Archived
END61 Oat Stout 5% 25/10/2013 Rich creamy stout with an orangey aroma Archived
END60 Sauvin 600 4.8% 16/10/2013 First brewed in Sept 2012 showcasing the Nelson Sauvin hop Archived
END59 Antipodean IPA 6.3% 18/10/2013 Pale ale showcasing hops from Australia & New Zealand Archived
END58 Triple Hop 4.5% 20/09/2013 Exclusive to Gosforth Hotel, with simcoe, Galaxy and 5256 hops Archived
END57 C4 4.4% 16/09/2013 Golden ale featuring Citra, Columbus, Chinook and Centennial Archived
END56 West Coast IPA 6% 13/08/2013 A classic West Coast style IPA showcasing Simcoe and Centennial hops for a piney resinous flavour Archived
END55 1890 IPA 6% 28/06/2013 Made using the traditional Old English hops & double dry hopped Archived
END54 Exp5256 4.4% 30/07/2013 Showcasing a new experimental variety hop with a soft tropical fruit and lychee edge. A pale, light and refreshing pint. Archived
END53 Black IPA II 8% 07/08/2013 Inky black with layer upon layer of hop flavour Archived
END52 Simbus Saison 7.1% 26/07/2013 Columbus and Simcoe hops give extra character to our latest Saison beer Archived
END51 Botanic Ale (PTMY Co-lab) 6.5% 10/07/2013 Archived
END50 Mosaic 4.5% 31/05/2013 Showcasing Mosaic for a fruity yet light refreshing summer pint Archived
END49 Raspberry Saison 6.5% 14/06/2013 Archived
END48 Red Rye 6% 21/05/2014 Available
END47 Black Forest Flanders 5.8% 15/05/2013 Archived
END46 Illumination 4.5% 12/05/2013 Archived
END45 Liquorice Stout 8.4% 10/05/2013 Bold roast flavours and a liquorice finish from the root infusion Archived
END44 US Porter 4.3% 10/05/2013 9 different malts contribute to the smooth body and with masses of Simcoe hops, expect big flavours Archived
END43 Double IPA 8.5% 19/04/2013 Big punchy hoppy beer Archived
END42 Tilleys Star Wars 3.8% 27/06/2014 Archived
END41 Fermata 3.1% 12/04/2013 Low ABV pale ale made with bags of Amarillo and simcoe hops for a big fruity flavour and exciting bitterness Available
END40 NZ Pale 4.7% 05/03/2013 Brewed with Nelson Sauvin and Dr Rudi hops. White grape aroma and tropical fruit flavours Archived
END39 Amarillo Rye 5% 19/02/2013 Full bodied spicy ale, made with Rye malt using Amarillo and Cascade hops for big fruity flavours and aromas Archived
END38 Black IPA 6% 15/02/2013 Oxymorons have feelings too, show this one some love Archived
END37 Orange Summit 4% 08/02/2013 Summit tastes like tangerines Archived
END36 Fleche D’or 5.5% 06/02/2013 Archived
END35 Imperial Stout 9.3% 24/01/2013 Muckle Stoot Archived
END34 Red Columbus 6% 10/01/2013 Full bodied red ale brewed with lots of Columbus hops for a big tropic flavour Archived
END33 Red Summit 7% 28/12/2012 Ascend the Red Summit, pause to smell the fruit. Archived
END32 American Brown Ale 7.4% 21/12/2012 The Columbus hops forge a pioneering course through the turbulent sea of malt Archived
END31 Export Stout 7.1% 23/11/2012 Based on a historic recipe this rich, complex, strong dark ale features some fantastic UK hops. As tradition has proven this beer travels well and age will serve to enhance the flavour Available
END31 *Bourbon Barrel* Export Stout 7.1% 23/11/2012 Aged for 12 months in an American Oak Bourbon Barrel our Export Stout has developed an incredible depth of flavour. The barrel ageing has added flavours of vanilla and toasted oak and the rich warmth of Bourbon Archived
END30 Sorghum 4.3% 27/11/2012 Gluten Free Pale Ale Archived
END29 Tilley’s 150 6% 18/11/2012 We let the guys from Tilleys loose in the brewery, it’s big Archived
END28 Sauvin Saison 6.5% 17/11/2012 Brewed with the sublime Nelson Sauvin hop for a modern twist on this classic French farmhouse style. white grape and tropical fruit aroma and flavour. Dry and spritzy finish Available
END27 Chocolate Stout 5.8% 02/11/2012 Rich dessert stout Archived
END26 Kohatu Amber (NZ Hop) 4.4% 02/11/2012 German roasted red malt builds a gentle bitter amber ale with flavours and aromas of melon and apricot. Dry hopped with Kohatu Archived
END25 Root Ginger Ale 5% 15/10/2012 Archived
END24 Target Green Hop 4.5% 24/09/2012 Unique fresh hop zesty and citrus aroma following through into a big flavour. 24 hours from the bine to the brew, it doesn’t get fresher than that Archived
END23 Trader Weisse 4.1% 13/09/2012 Archived
END22 Simcoe Single 5% 31/07/2012 Our winning brew with oodles of the Simcoe hop giving a clean pine refreshing flavour and aroma Archived
END21 NZ Double 7.5% 19/07/2012 Archived
END20 Atlantic/Pacific Pale 4.8% 29/06/2012 Archived
END19 Simcoe Citra Apollo Galaxy 6.5% 27/06/2012 Archived
END18 Italian Colab. 4.1% 01/05/2014 Archived
END17 Cascade Single Hop 4.1% 30/05/2012 Archived
END16 Chilli Choc Milk Stout 6.7% 29/05/2012 Archived
END15 Marynka Pale 4% 23/05/2012 Archived
END14 Smoked American Cream Ale 6% 10/05/2012 Archived
END13 English Bitter 3.8% 04/05/2012 Archived
END12 Yakima Pale 6% 26/04/2012 Archived
END11 Scottish Brown Ale 4.2% 25/04/2012 Archived
END10 Pacific Gem Single Hop 7.2% 19/04/2012 Archived
END09 Newcastle Fest Battle Brew 5% 29/03/2012 Archived
END08 East Coast Stout 5.9% 30/03/2012 Archived
END07 Marynka Pale 4% 21/03/2012 Archived
END06 Pioneer Single Hop 3.8% 27/03/2012 Archived
END05 American Wheat 5.5% 06/03/2012 Archived
END04 American Red Rye 5.9% 24/02/2012 Archived
END03 Bridge Street Blues 6% 10/02/2012 Archived
END02 C4 5.6% 27/01/2012 Archived
END01 Pacifica Single Hop 4% 25/01/2012 Archived
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