26 Aug

Hot on the heels of our most recent SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) award for the Pennine Pale in keg we've been awarded another host of awards at both UK and International Competitions.

We're proud to announce the latest results and to share any judges comments. 


World Beer Awards 2015 - United Kingdom, Pale Ale, Gold Medal
World Beer Awards 2015 - United Kingdom, Gluten-free Speciality Beer, Silver Medal
The International Beer Challenge 2015 - Pale Ales & Bitters up to 4%, Bronze Medal
Great Taste Awards 2015 - 1 Star - Strong grapefruit/citrus on the nose, some of which comes through in the flavour. Full of character and with good length to the flavour.
Great Taste Awards 2015 - 2 Stars - Beautiful burnt toffee colour. Awesomely chocolatey on the nose and palate. Coffee, liquorice and a rich smoky length. Astringency of the roasted malts is balanced really nicely by the sweetness. Packed full of flavour. Really stopped us in our tracks and made us happy.
Great Taste Awards 2015 - 1 Star - Very appealing colour. Well roasted Viennese malts providing caramel notes on the nose and going through on the palate. Toasted buttery croissant, blackcurranty fruit on the finish.
Great Taste Awards 2015 - 1 Star - This poured beautifully - a very enticing glass. A fruit, citrus nose with hints of pineapple - an exotic fruit nose promising much, which happily follows and expands through to the taste. The hops appear as soon as it hits your palate. It has a lovely mouthfeel, reasonably full in the body for a pale ale. The judges found it punchy and well-balanced. The fact that it is gluten-free is a bonus.




Introducing Ride Drinks

Introducing Ride Drinks

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