13 Mar

After hearing from some friends in the United States about an amazing new drink that was taking the country by storm, we thought ‘we have to try this’. The drink in questions was Hard Seltzer: a refreshing, natural fruit flavoured, alcoholic sparkling water which is low in calories, gluten free and vegan friendly, and not sweet and sugary! 

At the time there was none available in the UK, so we had some sent over from Miami and as soon as we tasted it, we were sold! That first box did not last long! In fact, we thought it was so good we should have a go at making our own.

Spurred on by how much we enjoyed the Hard Seltzer we’d tried, we set about making our own version. Many nights were spent mixing flavours and trialing different techniques until we hit upon the formula. We tentatively shared our new creation with friends and family and their feedback was resoundingly positive and immediately followed up with ‘where can we get some more?’

And so, Ride Drinks was born, available in a range of our favourite flavours it is only 89 calories per can, and we cannot wait for you to try it!


Introducing Ride Drinks

Introducing Ride Drinks

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