13 Jun

Anvil- the new name for our flagship Pale Ale ‘APA’. You might ask why change the name of such a well-respected and multi award winning beer? Well, when we first brewed the 5.5% IPA back in 2011 we thought to call it after our village, Allendale, and to describe it we tagged Pale Ale on the back. This quickly started to be shortened to APA which at the time was never remarked on.

Now in these more enlightened times of craft brewing the letters APA are more associated with the style American Pale Ale, so to avoid any confusion and to bring the name more in line with our other beers we made the decision to change it. What better to call it than a name which reflects the mining industry that made Allendale famous, back in the day when IPAs were commonly exported to India?

So if you are worried that you can’t get APA anymore, fear not, it is just called Anvil.


Introducing Ride Drinks

Introducing Ride Drinks

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